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Benchmade Butterfly Knife


Benchmade Butterfly Knife

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Butterfly Knife 4.25" Weehawk Plain Blade, Stainless Steel Handles

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Benchmade Butterfly Knife

    The exceptional Benchmade Butterfly is born of days gone by and ortho doxy or as is the case by all.

    62 Bali-Song, reborn. For us, the exceptional began by the whole of the Bali-Song.

    The butterfly pistol awesome in its simplicity, the ultimate example of form following function.

    And now we reexamine those steps with the Model 62 by all of its numerous appreciable improvements.

    For starters, the Wee-hawk style palm leaf is secured to the handles by the whole of screw-head pivot-pins, making the risk of changing out blades a reality.

    And the pins are heat-treated and larger than previous ones.

    The manage latch uses a torx-head pivot-pin attachment as cleanly, so it take care of be moved if preferred.

    Another nice dish fit for a king is the skeletonized elect stainless encourage handles which are indeed tough and weighted for transcend balance.

    The handles centerpiece a T-latch lock by all of more accessible contour for righteous grip. As for the draft itself.

    We have repeated the false achieve .

    Farther back up the blade as was done on the reactionary Wee-hawk designs.

    So if you’re once up on a time a Bali-Song fan from way back.

    You will definitely be pleased with the Model 62. Or if you are just looking for the eventual in basic form and easily done function-this is it.

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    5.00 out of 5

    1 review for Benchmade Butterfly Knife

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      5 out of 5


      These knives are really cool. I keep them for an emergency.

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