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Infrared Beam Alarm Set

Infrared Beam Alarm Set

 1,500.00  999.00

  1. Infrared beam alarm to alert you of an intruder, no messy, unsafe wiring
  2. Feel safer in your home with the Genius Ideas beam alarm
  3. Enjoy innovative wireless security in your personal space
  4. Easy to operate with 2 distance settings
  5. 3 sound modes to choose from and 3 sound level settings

  • Description

    Product Description

    Infrared Beam Alarm Set

    Infrared Beam Alarm Set.Feel safer in your home and be alerted to intruders with the wireless security beam alarm

    Do you want to enhance the safety in your home.

    The Infrared Beam Alarm will alert you to any potential intruders in your personal space.

    Infrared Beam Alarm

    Infrared Beam Alarm designed receiver and transmitter.High low distance settings available

    High medium low audible sound level setting.Three different sound modes.

    How to use your wireless security beam alarm set.Place your transmitter at one side of the doorway.

    You can also select the sound volume to low, medium or high.

    After setting all of the above, you can turn on both the receiver and transmitter.

    Now the led on both units will be on.

    If the infrared beam is interrupted or blocked, the receiver will sound loudly.

    If the receiver is triggered under the sound mode alarm or chimes.

    It will ring continuously and the receiver must be turned off to stop the sounds.

    In chime mode the receiver sounds once. For the best results,

    place the two units at least one metre above the ground.

    The best angle between the receiver and the transmitter.

    If the batteries are weak the red led will flash.



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