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Electronic Cash Register From TOSHIBA

Electronic Cash Register From TOSHIBA

 85,000.00  38,000.00

The affordability of the Electronic Cash Register MA-1535 makes it ideal for users who want to achieve such goals by significantly reducing processing time at checkout.

Ensuring consistency and accuracy of item registration, transaction handling and eliminating the risk of cashier errors.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Electronic Cash Register

    Electronic Cash Register  MA-1535 electronic cash register from TOSHIBA. TEC is highly sophisticated yet affordable and easy to operate. As a result, this Cash Register will enable retail store owners to improve quality of service and increase profitability. The Cash Register is ideal for users who want significant reduction in processing time at checkout. Hence, Ensuring consistency and accuracy of item registration, transaction handling and eliminating the risk of cashier errors.

    Electronic Cash Register

    Raised Keyboard

    •  2 /14″” Thermal Receipt & Journal Printer
    •  24 Characters Alphanumeric Print
    •  Automatic Receipt Cutter
    •  Up To 99 Departments
    •  Over 4,000 Item Scan File – Standard
    •  Up To 24,000 – With Memory Expansion
    •  10 Characters Alphanumeric and 10 Digit 7 Segment Display
    •  Scanning Functions
    •  Wide Variety of Programmable Functions
    •  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    •  Full Cashier Accountability
    •  Forced Birthday Verification
    •  Hold and Recall, Cancel Transaction
    •  3 Price Levels
    •  4 Value Added Tax Rate
    •  10 Auto Function Keys
    •  Heavy Duty Cash Drawer with 5 Bill /5 Coin and Media Slot
    •  3 Com Ports Standard for: Scanner, Credit/Debit Card, Scale and Computer


    Main Features

    • Display: 10-digit 7-segment and 10-digit alphanumeric display. The alphanumeric display indicates PLU name and machine status. 3 ports of RS-232C: PC, Scanner, EFT, etc. can be connected.
      Expansion RAM: The Expansion ram is Up to 16 M bit.
      Keyboard: Normal type keyboard.
      Scanning function: Source marking and In-store marking are available.
      Up to 24,000 PLUs: PLUs by using expansion RAM: 24,000 PLUs (standard: 5,000 PLUs).
      4 Tax memory: 4 Add-on Tax 1- 1.
      : 410 mm (width) x 430 mm (depth) x 335 mm (height) (including rubber feet).
      WEIGHT: 12.5 Kg.
      POWER REQUIREMENT: AC 117V±10%, 60Hz±10%, 0.46A AC 220~230V±10%, 50/60Hz±10%, 0.24A AC 240V±10%, 50/60Hz±10%, 0.20A (It differs depending on destination.).
      BATTERY: Battery Type is Lithium battery with a back-up duration of 6 months.
      CHARGING METHOD: Inserting the power plug into an outlet Full charge time- 48 hours or more.
      AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: 0°C to 34°.
      HUMIDITY: 10% to 80% (No condensation)
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